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Alanis Morissette

Singer, Actress, Keynote Speaker – Speaking in San Francisco
Alanis Morissette is most well known for being an award winning singer, but will take the stage at MommyCon to share her journey in motherhood! From birth to breastfeeding to her experience with postpartum depression.


Jamie Lynne Grumet

Blogger, I Am Not the Babysitter
Jamie was once on the cover of Time Magazine promoting full-term nursing alongside her three year old son, Aram. Now she joins MommyCon as an advocate of support for all parents in the #ISupportYou campaign with Kimberely Simon and Suzanne Barston.


Dr. Jay Gordon, MD, FAAP

World Renowned Pediatrician

Dr. Jay Gordon is known across the globe as a strong proponent of breastfeeding, and attachment parenting principles. He joins MommyCon alongside Jamie Lynne Grumet at our San Francisco and Newport Beah events in 2014.


Dr. Bob Sears

Dr. Bob Sears spoke on the benefits of educating prior to vaccinating at our Los Angeles event in 2013. He is an author and a practicing physician in the greater Los Angeles area.


Jamie Grayson

Baby Expert and Guru Baby Guy Gear Guide
A proud uncle to three, and a baby gear expert like no other. Find out where Jamie will join us in 2014 by checking out our Facebook updates!  


Jessica Martin-Weber

Blogger and Mother of 6 The Leaky Boob
Don’t tell this mom of six girls to cover up while nursing. She is passionate, motivated and dedicated to helping mothers find the strength and courage to breastfeed in an unsupportive society.   


Bunmi Laditan

Blogger & Author, The Honest Toddler
Want to know how to get a toddler to fall asleep on their own? What about getting your toddler to eat their dinner, changing their socks and listening to every word you say? Bunmi does not have the answer, but she can certainly get you through the tumultuous toddler years with some humor.


Abby Theuring

Blogger The Badass Breastfeeder
A social worker turned blogger turned awe-inspiring mother who isn’t afraid to be a Badass Breastfeeder. Abby will speak at MommyCon Chicago, San Francisco and Austin before heading back to her home city of Chicago to give birth to Baby #2!


Suzanne Barston

Blogger, The Fearless Formula Feeder
Suzanne lends a new perspective at MommyCon, supporting moms no matter how they feed their babies with the #ISupportYou campaign.


Alyssa Majko-Ruben

Blogger, Doula, CPST, Mommy to 5 at The Mommy Dialogues
Alyssa is our resident babywearing guru, Child Passenger Safety Technician (CPST) and Babywearing Lounge manager. She speaks in two of our seminars, and offers mothers young and old timeless parenting knowledge.


Jeremy Martin-Weber

Blogger, Beyond Moi
Jeremy, dad to 6, made his MommyCon debut right alongside his wife, Jessica, AKA The Leaky Boob, at MommyCon Austin. The couple talked about sex, marriage, and raising six girls to a sold-out crowd.


Jennifer Labit

Cotton Babies CEO & Founder and Mother to 4

Jennifer Labit is the founder and CEO of Cotton Babies, Inc, a leader in the cloth diaper industry for more than 10 years. Cotton Babies manufactures the best-selling bumGenius® cloth diaper line, as well as Flip® hybrid system and Econobum® budget diapers.  Jennifer will join us in six cities in 2014!